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Statement of the Connecticut Psychological Association on the Recent Attack on Democracy

The Connecticut Psychological Association condemns the events that occurred on January 6, 2021, as well as the ideology and misinformation that fueled it. The world watched as there was an attack on the democracy of our nation, at a magnitude unwitnessed since reconstruction. The political and civil unrest that has been building in our country reached a frightening peak, and many of us observed with disbelief and a myriad of emotional reactions.

The act of domestic terrorism and violence that occurred is inconsistent with our most deeply treasured values as a nation. What transpired was unacceptable, un-democratic, and un-American. It was equally heartbreaking and horrifying to watch the belligerent desecration of the hallowed halls of our Capitol as it was overtaken by insurrectionists intent on wreaking havoc and inciting fear. Threatening lawfully elected Congressional representatives and refusing to abide by a fair and legal election is undeniably unpatriotic. Many Americans, irrespective of political views or affiliation, have decried and denounced the actions that occurred. Rioting, disrespect, violence, and other forms of aggression are not an acceptable avenue for expressing disappointment and frustration or motivating political change. Beyond being ineffective, this behavior is harmful, and the manner in which this action was taken shall be condemned regardless of political viewpoint. We shall stand together, as unified citizens of our great country, and stand up for our democracy and republic…

Please read the full statement here: Statement of the Connecticut Psychological Association on the Recent Attack on Democracy