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CPA's Statement on The Ukraine Conflict

March 9th, 2022

The Connecticut Psychological Association stands with the American Psychological Association (APA)1 in their statement in support of Ukraine during this time of invasion and war. CPA is an organization that advocates and stands for human rights and the health and well-being of all the world’s citizens.

Throughout the past few weeks the world has watched the hostile military invasion of Ukraine with horror and sadness. We are deeply concerned about the current threat to the lives and safety of the people of Ukraine and outraged about the reported human rights violations occurring as part of this war.

CPA stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, both domestic and abroad. We want to offer our sympathy and support to those living in or fleeing from Ukraine, and those of Ukrainian descent here at home, including our colleagues and communities we serve. Acts of war, like all threats to physical and psychological safety, have both immediate and long-term negative impacts, including fear/anxiety, depression, acute stress disorder, and posttraumatic stress disorder. Trauma often manifests itself in various negative impacts, both internal and interpersonal, which can also have broad impact beyond those directly affected.  We must come together to support the people of Ukraine during a period of national traumatization and utilize our skills to aid in healing and processing the difficult experiences many are facing.

Please read the full statement and find resources for our community here: CPA Statement_Ukraine Conflict

CPA's Statement on Recent Events and Racial Violence

April 23rd, 2021

The Connecticut Psychological Association acknowledges the community trauma following the killing of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, an outrage in a long line of racialized violence pervading our communities over the past several years. While black and brown people have continued to be the victims of biased action and unjust killings, the justice system has often failed to uphold accountability for these actions. The sense of relief that so many experienced following this weeks guilty verdict of Derek Chauvin is indicative of our racialized trauma and a pervasive worry that even in light of concrete evidence, justice would not be served for a Black man in America. For almost a year, America has held its breath, marched, and protested with the hope that there would be confirmation that in this instance, this Black man’s life mattered.

Please read the full statement here: CPA Statement_April 2021

Additionally, please see the following resources in case they are helpful.


CPA'S Statement on the Texas Transgender Law

March 4th, 2022

The Connecticut Psychological Association stands with the American Psychological Association in their condemnation of the February 18, 2022 Opinion of the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, which classifies certain gender-affirming medical procedures as child abuse, and the subsequent February 22, 2022 Directive from Texas
Governor Greg Abbott calling on licensed professionals and members of the general public to report the parents of transgender minors to state authorities if there is evidence of the minors receiving gender-affirming medical care.

Governor Abbott’s Directive is not only without scientific merit, but is dangerous and stands to cause irreparable harm to transgender individuals, their families, and the LGBTQ+ community more broadly. There is no evidence that supports the assertion that gender-affirming care is a form of child abuse or has lasting negative consequences. In contrast, scientific evidence has shown us unequivocally that gender-affirming care has the potential to reduce mental health difficulties, suicide rates, and other negative psychosocial and health outcomes. The Governor’s reprehensible Directive perpetuates intra- and interpersonal harm. This is one example of the pervasive biases transgender individuals’ face, which puts them at increased risk for bodily and psychological harm. This Directive will likely amplify their experiences of depression, anxiety, shame, isolation and various forms of self-harm including substance use or suicidal behaviors.

Please read the full statement and find resources here: CPA Statement_Texas Transgender Law

CPA'S Statement on the Attacks on the AAPI Community

March 30th, 2021

The Connecticut Psychological Association (CPA) stands with the Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders (AAPI) community during the recent onslaught of violence and harmful words and actions against them. As an organization that represents psychology and psychologists, and operates from a basic framework of inclusivity and healing, we will continue to fight against the ills that do us all harm and continue to pervade our society: racism, xenophobia, and other harmful conduct fueled by prejudice and discrimination.


Please read the full statement here: CPA Statement in Support of AAPI

CPA'S Statement on the Recent Attack on Democracy

January 9th, 2021

The Connecticut Psychological Association condemns the events that occurred on January 6, 2021, as well as the ideology and misinformation that fueled it. The world watched as there was an attack on the democracy of our nation, at a magnitude unwitnessed since reconstruction. The political and civil unrest that has been building in our country reached a frightening peak, and many of us observed with disbelief and a myriad of emotional reactions.

Please read the full statement here: Statement of the Connecticut Psychological Association on the Recent Attack on Democracy

Taken Action Against Racism

CPA stands as a strong voice against grave injustices demonstrated by recent events. We are clear in our position of solidarity with APA in that the “racism pandemic” is in fact devastating our nation.  Racism is a disease that has permeated us individually and societally. One of CPA’s missions is to promote human welfare and we know from our recent Priorities Survey that CT psychologists care deeply about social justice issues.  We acknowledge the trauma, grief, and outrage many people of color are feeling in light of the recent killings of Black men and women and pledge to take action.  

Please see our full statement and list of resources on our page

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