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CPA is an APA Approved sponsor of Continuing Education

Outside Organizations Seeking Co-Sponsorship

The Connecticut Psychological Association (CPA) offers continuing education for psychologists. CPA is a sponsor approved by the American Psychological Association to offer continuing education for psychologists. The main goals of continuing education are to keep knowledge and skills current. In order to provide opportunities for continuing education, CPA sponsors CE events at the annual convention. CPA also co-sponsors CE events with other organizations or individuals throughout the year. This manual provides information regarding the guidelines, policies, and procedures that must be followed to be approved as a co-sponsor of continuing education by the Connecticut Psychological Association. Samples of materials that must be completed by the applicant as well as samples of other relevant materials are included.

CE Co-Sponsorship Request

All CE event co-sponsorship requests must be submitted using the electronic application form below.


If you encounter any issues or have questions regarding the submission process, please do not hesitate to contact our CE Chair, Dr. Stephanie Pennington at or

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Note: Completion of the Co-sponsor Application form does not constitute approval to co-sponsor continuing education. If co-sponsorship of continuing education for this event is approved by the Connecticut Psychological Association, a letter of agreement to co-sponsor continuing education will be signed between the Connecticut Psychological Association and the co-sponsoring organization (or individual). This procedure must be followed for each CE event (workshop or course).

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The Co-Sponsor accepts all responsibilities related to the CE event: negotiation and coordination of speaker(s), facility arrangements, meeting room, food, program, brochure development, brochure printing, program mailing, pre-registration, on-site registration, preparation of handouts, evaluation preparation, data entry, bill payment and distribution of profits. The Connecticut Psychological Association will provide continuing education certificates at the above mentioned price per participant.    

CE Event Components

Submission Guidelines

Co-Sponsoring Continuing Education Events

The CE event shall be developed in conjunction with the Connecticut Psychological Association. Any cosponsor relationship must meet the following requirements:

  1. Application Process

During pre-planning stages, the co-sponsor organization or individual should send to the Connecticut Psychological Association the following packet at least 60 days prior to the CE event:

a) The “Co-Sponsor Application Form”

b) The corresponding fee (indicated below)

c) CE event syllabus, with a summary of main points and the educational goals of the course. 

d) Instructor(s) vita(e)

e) Evaluation forms

f)  Attendee list format

g) (3) citations within the past 10 years

g) Sample promotional materials before they are printed.

h) Statement about how the CE event will be funded.

If information is added after approval of an event, co-sponsoring organizations are required to update the CPA office by the date of the event. If, for example, a co-sponsor adds a date to an approved event, CPA must be informed of the addition by that date. Failure to comply will compromise the approval for co-sponsorship of your event.

  1. Approval Procedure

a) Once the Co-Sponsor Application Packet is received, the Connecticut Psychological Association the Education Committee  will evaluate the proposal.

b) If the proposal meets CPA continuing education standards, a co-sponsorship agreement will be signed between the Connecticut Psychological Association and the organization or individual seeking co-sponsorship.

c) The Connecticut Psychological Association will award continuing education on the basis of one contact hour for each 60 minutes of instruction or learning experience. CPA will develop the documentation and will award each participant successfully completing the event. The documentation will name both of the co-sponsors, event title, date, CE hours, and presenter (s) names.

d) The Connecticut Psychological Association will provide the documentation for continuing education to participants (see Certification of Attendance).

  1. Post CE Event Requirements

Within 30 days of the completion of an approved CE event, the co-sponsor organization or individual must submit to the Connecticut Psychological Association the following:

a) A list of the participants seeking continuing education. The list should include the name, psychology license number, address and phone number.

b) The total number of participants in each event.

c) Individual evaluations as well as a summary report of the course evaluation responses.

d) A check for the remaining fees (see  payment details below).

The co-sponsor organization or individual must maintain records of attendance for the CE event for three years. These records include attendance rosters, course evaluations and any other relevant information.

  1. Fees

A set up fee of $50.00 per title/workshop must be enclosed with the Co-Sponsor Application Form. This fee will cover processing expenses.

A fee of $20.00 per CE participant must be sent to the Connecticut Psychological Association within 30 days of the completion of an approved CE event.

    Guidelines for Co-Sponsored CE Events

    Guidelines for CPA Co-Sponsored Continuing Education Events

    The following guidelines must be met in order to develop a continuing education event with the Connecticut Psychological Association. These guidelines are designed to meet the American Psychological Association’s (APA) event criteria. Seeking co-sponsorship of CE events with an APA-approved sponsor (in this case CPA) requires that the requesting organization or individual meet the same guidelines as the approved sponsor. Therefore, it is very important that each of the criteria listed below be met.

    Event: The event or program must be at least one hour in duration.


    a) (3) Learning objectives must be outlined for the event – and for each speaker. 

    b) The learning to be accomplished must be post-graduate in nature.

    c) Please be aware that learning objectives need to be phrased from the perspective of the attendee…e.g. Attendees will be able to list, describe, etc and must be phrased in behaviorally measurable terms.


    a) Instructors must be knowledgeable and qualified to conduct the event.

    b) Instructors must be qualified to convey material effectively.

    c)  Full CVs for each speaker are required


      (3) citations from the last 10 years 


    Participants must be screened so that people inappropriate to the topic or area, or who are not governed by ethical considerations, would not be enrolled. Additionally, participants must be monitored to assure that they remain for the entire event in order to receive continuing education.

    Important DUE Dates

    Co-sponsored events must be developed in conjuncture with CPA.

    Single Title/Workshop Events: Applications are due 8 weeks in advance of CE Events.

    Multiple Titles/Workshops Event: Applications are due 3 months in advance of CE Event.

    Marketing materials must be submitted for CPA review and approval prior to distribution.

    Applications take 2-3 weeks for review.

    Applications generally need time for modification.

    Guidelines for a CPA Co-Sponsored CE Event

    Promotional Materials

    a) If CPA-approved status is to be advertised, a specific statement of CPA approval should be included on the promotional material. This would be: “This event is being co-sponsored by the Connecticut Psychological Association for and [name of co-sponsoring organization]. The Connecticut Psychological Association is approved by the American Psychological Association to offer continuing education for psychologists. The Connecticut Psychological Association maintains responsibility for the program.”

    b) The following information must be made available to participants before they enroll: Educational objectives, Participants for whom the event is designed, Skill level appropriate, Faculty credentials, Schedule and format, Cost, Refund/cancellation policy, Items covered by fee, Number of CE credits offered.

    Event Evaluation

    The evaluation should be objective and provide feedback to the instructors so that future programs may be improved. The evaluation is not for the purpose of grading participants. An example of an event evaluation is located on page 12 of this manual. 

    The following must be evaluated: a) Achievement of each event objective, individually. b) Instructor’s level of knowledge and expertise. c) Instructor’s ability to convey knowledge. d) Participants’ satisfaction with the presentation. e) Overall participants’ satisfaction with the presentation. f) Adequacy of the physical facilities


    CPA will award documentation to participants indicating satisfactory completion of the event. CPA will award this documentation not for participation alone but also for the evaluation of the learning event as indicated in 6 above.

    Ethical Principles

    There must be adherence to the Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of. Copies of the Conduct. Copies may be received by contacting the American Psychological Association (APA) at (202) 336-5990. American Psychological Association Sponsor Approval System, 750 First Street, NE Washington, DC 20002-4242. 

    Questions? Please email our Convention Chair: Dr. Stephanie Pennington at

    CPA – Internal Use Only

    CPA Committees and Divisions wishing to request CE approval for events must use the form below.

    CE Approval Request Form