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Presidents served one-year terms from CPA’s founding in 1963 until 1984. From 1963 until 1982 the term ran from July 1 – June 30, thus the overlapping year designations. The term was changed in 1983 when a by-laws amendment made the fiscal year the same as the calendar year, so the one-year terms of Drs. Brassil and Tolor ran from January 1 – December 31. The term of president was changed to two years beginning in 1985.

Marvin Reznikoff, Ph.D. 1963-1964

O.W. Lacy, Ph.D. 1964-1965

David D. Komisar, Ph.D. 1965-1966

Irving H. Frank, Ph.D. 1966-1967

Laurence Hemmindinger, Ph.D. 1967-1968

Thomas McGrath, Ph.D. 1968-1969

M. Michael Klaber, Ph.D. 1969-1970

Stuart M. Losen, Ph.D. 1970-1971

Adelaide Dollin, Ph.D. 1971-1972

Stanley Rosner, Ph.D., ABPP 1972-1973

Harry V. McNeill, Ph.D. 1973-1974

Harvey L. Glass, Ph.D. 1974-1975

Edward Wicas, Ed.D. 1975-1976

Jack K. Plummer, Ph.D. 1976-1977

George C. Higgins, Ph.D. 1977-1978

Randolph M. Lee, Ph.D. 1978-1979

Arthur Glickstein, Ph.D. 1979-1980

Kathleen M. Sterner, Ph.D. 1980-1981

Robert E. Correll, Ph.D. 1981-1982

Jean Brassil, Ph.D. 1983

Alexander Tolor, Ph.D. 1984

Robert P. Singer, Ph.D. 1985-1986

Catherine Acuff, Ph.D. 1987-1988

George H. Davis, Ph.D. 1989-1990

Robert A. Horwitz, Ph.D. 1991-1992

Jeffrey Zimmerman, Ph.D. 1993-1994

John C. Cline, Ph.D. 1995-1996

Nina P. Rossomando, Ph.D. 1997-1998

David N. Greenfield, Ph.D. 1999-2000

Michael Schwarzchild, Ph.D. 2001-2002

David B. Abrams, Psy.D. 2003-2004

Jan Owens-Lane, Ph.D. 2005-2006

John Mehm, Ph.D. 2007-2010

Barbara S. Bunk, Ph.D. 2011-2014

Miki Lasher, Ph.D. 2015-2017

Christopher Rigling, Psy.D. 2017

Anne Klee, Ph.D., 2017-2021

Jennifer Doran, Ph.D., 2017-Present