Taking Action Against Racism
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TV Special For Kids on CNN

The 60-minute special “Coming Together: Standing Up to Racism. A CNN/Sesame Street Town Hall for Kids and Families” will air on Saturday, June 6, at 10 a.m. ET.

The show will talk to kids about racism, the recent nationwide protests, embracing diversity and being more empathetic and understanding.

CPA stands as a strong voice against grave injustices demonstrated by recent events. We are clear in our position of solidarity with APA in that the “racism pandemic” is in fact devastating our nation.  Racism is a disease that has permeated us individually and societally. One of CPA’s missions is to promote human welfare and we know from our recent Priorities Survey that CT psychologists care deeply about social justice issues.  We acknowledge the trauma, grief, and outrage many people of color are feeling in light of the recent killings of Black men and women and pledge to take action.  


As a community, we can take action in several ways:



Educate ourselves and be willing to re-examine our views and actions to become better allies and address racism.


Movies & Films to Watch

Organizations to Follow on Social Media


Help our youth make sense of current events and educate children of all ages about racism.

For parents and children of color resources to talk about violence


Develop and implement healing spaces for staff, students, and clients of color.


Donate to organizations dedicated to racial equality and justice.

Compiled by Sarah Sophie Flicker, Alyssa Klein in May 2020, Basecamp, and with additions made by Connecticut Psychological Association June 2020.

As an association that represents psychologists in Connecticut, we need to be a home for all psychologists in our state.  CPA must increase diversity, equity, and inclusion among our board, membership.  We will do this in the following ways:

  • As CPA unveils our first Early Career Leadership Academy we are actively recruiting individuals from diverse minority backgrounds to build them as leaders for both our workforce and for CPA’s own leadership pipeline. 
  • CPA will build on our Leadership Development Program for Graduates Students of Color and expand the work of our Ethnic Diversity Taskforce.     
  • CPA will offer opportunities for us to learn and grow together as psychologists.  Please join CPA for a first conversation on how we as psychologists and citizens can combat racism, serve as racially just allies and be advocates for change.        

CPA pledges to provide ongoing conversations and resources to champion the mission of racial equality. 

Please reach out to us at to share your ideas and expertise.  We are stronger when our talented psychology community comes together.