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Workers' Compensation Commission Pain Management Protocol
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Chronic Pain Understood

According to the 2019 National Health Interview Survey, 50.2 million adults (20.5%) reported experiencing pain most days or every day.

Chronic pain is often approached as a biomedical, rather than a biopsychosocial, phenomenon. As a result, psychological factors associated with initiation, prolongation, and/or exacerbation of pain remain underappreciated and under addressed.

A New Protocol

Connecticut Worker’s Compensation Commission has adopted a protocol for the Psychological Evaluation and Treatment of Chronic Pain in injured Connecticut workers.

The Connecticut Psychological Association has undertaken a major initiative to support the effective implementation of this protocol.

Trained Providers

This protocol significantly increase the efficacy of chronic pain care in Connecticut while enhancing the effectiveness and public awareness of our profession’s effort.

The list below are providers who completed the comprehensive Treatment of Chronic Pain trainings offered by The Connecticut Psychological Association





Dr. Kyler Allen






Dr. Jessica Biren Caverly

Dr. Mark Aron




Dr. Jeffrey Cohen




Dr. Michael Cohen








Dr. Dariush Fathi




Dr. Jessica Guite




Dr. Arnold Holzman




Dr. Robert Horwitz




Dr. Thomas Maciolek




Dr. Dana Martinez



Dr. Stephanie Pennington





Dr. Stephen Sarfaty


Dr. Stuart Sokol




Dr. Mark Spellmann 




Dr. Brett Steinberg




Dr. Michael Stern




Dr. Georgann Witte




Dr. Liese Zitzkat




Dr. Kathleen Chapman

Dr. Beth Karassik

Dr. Stephanie Kerrigan




Dr. Rachel Sampson