Lawrence Nassar Sexual Abuse

With the recent arrest and conviction of former American gymnastics team physician, Lawrence Nassar, this NY times article covers the story with special perspectives from professionals who specialize in trauma and sexual abuse.  CPAs Elaine Ducharme featured.

Staying sane & raising teens

Dr. Elaine Ducharme, a Connecticut psychologist was interviewed recently regarding tips and techniques for raising teens.  Dr. Ducharme shared ten tips to help parents be effective parents during the challenges of adolescence.  A link to the interview is:  Staying sane & raising teens

Election linked to Stress

An article by Russell Blair of the Hartford Courant covers the 2016 election as a source of significant stress in the United States of America. CPA's Tricia Cipriano featured: Amid Rising Tension and Stress, Voters Want Election Over

Forced Medication

This 2014 article illustrates the issue of medicating patients against their will: Medication No Answer

Disability Benefits

Connecticut exceeds national average of disability benefit.  The North East state is ranked 26th with 1.83%  of its 18- to 65-year-olds receiving SSDI benefits because of a mental disorder diagnosis: Disability benefits rate exceeds national average

Integrated Practices

This New England Psychologist article covers the benefits of moving towards comprehensive healthcare.

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