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MindStylz is a collaborative project between hair stylists, barbers, and the Ethnic Diversity Task Force (EDTF) of the Connecticut Psychological Association (CPA).  Its mission is to promote mental health awareness among hair stylists, barbers, and their clients in communities of color.

MindStylz is grateful for funding received from The Connecticut Psychological Foundation (CPF).  Contributions to the Connecticut Psychological Foundation can be earmarked for MindStylz. To  donate to the MindStylz project, visit the CPF page HERE.

Purpose.  The purpose of MindStylz is to empower communities of color in the following ways:

  • increase education about mental health in communities of color
  • gain greater acceptance of psychological care and treatment
  • provide easier access to community mental health services
  • increase access to mental health providers from ethnically and racially diverse backgrounds

Why are hair care professionals so important? In communities of color, people feel more comfortable talking about their lives to hair stylists and barbers than to their own doctors. Sometimes these clients ask for advice from their hair care professionals, and such advice could be difficult to provide. MindStylz is here to help provide resources and connections. We want to help hair stylists and barbers make their clients look good and feel good.

Barriers.  Historically, the field of psychology has not considered and/or respected cultural differences. There were direct and indirect biases and stereotyping among clinicians. Numerous barriers kept communities of color from accessing mental health services. Some of them are intrinsic to the community cultures, others are society-based:

  • social stigma
  • minimal mental health facilities
  • limited availability of clinicians of color
  • language
  • cost

Directory of Mental Health Professionals of Color and a list of local mental health facilities that can help you refer any clients that you may think are at risk for anxiety, depression, or other problems. Available for download here with Acrobat Reader.

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Contact Us.  If you would like to know more about MindStylz, to get involved, participate in a training session, receive additional resources, donate, or become a sponsor, please contact our EDTF chairperson, Dr. Jan Owens-Lane.

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EDTF Mission Statement:  We are a group of ethnically and racially diverse professionals and students who promote culturally competent services and mental health.