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CPA Legal Services Program Agreement CPA is offering a legal services program to its members in good standing, for the fee of $225.00 for calendar year of January 1, 2024- December 31, 2024.  After February 15th, the fee will increase to $280 to be enrolled through December 31, 2024.  Each participant in the program is entitled to 1.5 hours of legal services, without charge for the time, from the firm of Cooney, Scully and Dowling of Hartford, Connecticut.

Cooney, Scully and Dowling will provide each member of the legal consultation program with up to 1.5 hours of services, consisting of legal analyses, advice or recommendations on issues pertaining to the member’s professional practice of psychology, or business questions arising out of the practice of psychology.

Because of the amount of time provided for under this agreement, services such as advocacy services, including, but not limited to the prosecution, defense or settlement of civil or criminal litigation on behalf of the member, representation of the member before any judicial, administrative, licensing or regulatory board, the negotiation or preparation of contracts or other legal instruments which is estimated to take more than the allotted time shall not be covered unless the member agrees to retain the services of Cooney, Scully and Dowling beyond the 1.5 hours of service provided for by this agreement. This does not preclude the member from obtaining general advice and background information about such proceedings and/or legal instruments as part of the services provided for under this contract.

Services provided pursuant to this agreement may also include some personal matters, such as estate planning and probate, and other general advice.  These services provided for under this agreement do not cover the purchase or sale of residential real estate, personal bankruptcy, securities work, or personal family relations matters of the member.

As a further benefit of the program, a member may retain Cooney, Scully and Dowling for additional legal services that exceed the scope of the program at a discounted hourly rate.  Cooney, Scully and Dowling has agreed to a rate no higher than $225 per hour for partners, and a senior associate in the firm for the contract year. The member is responsible for any additional charges, and will be asked to sign a retainer agreement with the firm for any work done beyond the parameters of the program.  Under either the legal services program, or separate retention, members will be responsible for expenses.

Of course, should a member so choose, the member can retain his or her own attorney for any legal services.  In such an event, CPA will have no responsibility for paying the legal services of the member.

Should Cooney, Scully and Dowling have a conflict and not be able to perform the services, a member may submit any bill from his or her attorney at the end of the program year, and the member will be reimbursed the submitted legal bill, up to the amount of the membership legal consultation program, less an amount equal to the services actually utilized by the member pursuant to the program. This reimbursement applies only when Cooney, Scully and Dowling has to decline providing the necessary services due to a conflict of interest.  It does not apply to services that are outside the scope of the program.

By purchasing this plan, the member acknowledges and agrees to abide by all the terms and conditions outlined in the plan above.  After payment, CPA will send the contact information at Cooney, Scully and Dowling.  Members may then contact Cooney, Scully, and Dowling to initiate services.

For more information, or to enroll, email or call (860) 404-0333.


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