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COVID-19 National Guidance for Psychologists
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The APA COVID-19 information and resources are available at is continually updated by APA for psychologists, health-care workers and the public. This site has a tremendous amount of additional information and topic-specific content available via sublinks. Below is an outline of what was posted as of the week of May 11, 2020, a period in the COVID-19 crisis timeline shifting into what was considered the, Next phase of COVID-19 management”.

The main page includes the following articles posted at the top of the page related to the next phase of COVID-19 management:

Telementalhealth/ Telepsychology

WHEN IS IT OK TO RESUME IN-PERSON SERVICES?MAY 1, 2020; As states start lifting stay-at-home orders, here are factors to consider before reopening your office.

Science and Research

NEW RESOURCE FOR COVID-19 PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCE AND RESEARCHMAY 7, 2020; Information, resources and support for researchers, educators and students during covid-19.

Particularly relevant for CT LICENSED psychologist to take note of is found here:

HTTPS://WWW.APASERVICES.ORG/PRACTICE/CLINIC/COVID-19-TELEHEALTH-STATE-SUMMARY – this link covers Telehealth guidance by state during COVID-19 and State emergency orders relevant to licensed psychologists during the COVID-19 public health crisis

The CT SPECIFIC section (updated by APA as of 4/24/2020) posts the following info:

  • Existing State Telehealth Coverage Mandate?  YES for Commercial Health Plans – CT. GEN. STAT. § § 19A-906, 38A-499A AND 38A-526A
  • Emergency State Action to include Audio-Only phone?   EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 7F DATED 3/18/20  Allows Audio-Only Telephone for Medicaid.
  • Emergency State Action on Telehealth Reimbursement Parity?  CMS SECTION 1135 MEDICAID WAIVER APPROVED 3/27/20 Allows for reimbursement of payable claims by out of state licensed providers not enrolled in the state medicaid program subject to certain conditions for the duration of the public health emergency.**
  • Emergency State Action to include Audio-Only phone? EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 7F DATED 3/18/20 Authorizes the Medicaid agency to cover Telehealth services provided by Audio-Only telephone. ; EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 7G DATED 3/19/20 Allows enrolled Medicaid providers and Network providers for Commercial Health Plans to provide Telehealth services to existing patients using audio-only phone.
  • Emergency Licensure Waiver? ORDER ISSUED BY DEPT. OF PUBLIC HEALTH DATED 3/23/20 Temporarily Suspends licensure requirements for 60 days for professions including psychology. There are no forms or registration with the board required.
  • Supervised Trainee Telehealth Services – Telesupervision and Medicaid reimbursement trainees are not eligible to perform telehealth services as they are not licensed, and connecticut’s section 1135 waiver requires all providers to be licensed to perform services.

APA’s most recent articles for 12 major COVID-19 topic areas appear on the COVID-19 main page. Additional content for these 12 topic areas can be accessed via the following links:

  1. Behavioral and Public Health
  2. Education, Training and Distance Learning
  3. General
  4. Parenting and Caregiving
  5. Physical Distancing and Isolation
  6. PTSD and Trauma
  7. Science and Research
  8. Self-care
  9. Stigma, Equity and Xenophobia
  10. Stress, Anxiety and Grief
  11. Telementalhealth/Telepsychology
  12. Work and Telework