According to CPA ByLaws, “A Fellow shall be a Member of the Association who has demonstrated sustained outstanding (a) contribution to the Association and/or (b) performance as a psychologist in the State. In addition, a nominee for Fellow shall: (1) Be nominated by two Fellows of the Association; (2) Have been a Member of the Association for at least two years; and (3) Have nomination as a Fellow approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.” According to APA, “Election to Fellow status requires evidence of unusual and outstanding contributions or performance in the field of psychology.”

The following have been elected Fellows in CPA:

Daniel J. Abrahamson, PhD
David B. Abrams, PsyD
George J. Allen, PhD
Josephine P. Beebe, PhD
Ginger E. Blume, PhD
Barbara S. Bunk, PhD
Patricia Otis Cook, EdD
John C. Cline, PhD
George H. Davis, PhD
Alma D. Elder, PhD
Christine H. Farber, PhD
Irving H. Frank, PhD
Harvey Glass, PhD
David N. Greenfield, PhD
Ilene Greuneberg, PhD
Robert A. Horwitz, PhD
Bertram P. Ibelle, PhD
Michael D. Kahn, PhD
David D. Komisar, PhD
Debora A. Kustron, PsyD
Randolph M. Lee, PhD
Leslie M. Lothstein, PhD
John G. Mehm, PhD
Steven D. Moore, PhD
Robert H. Neems, PhD
Jan Owens-Lane, PhD
Jack K. Plummer, PhD
Marvin Reznikoff, PhD
Deena J. Robbins, PhD
Stanley Rosner, PhD
Nina P. Rossomando, PhD
Seymour B. Sarason, PhD
Michael Schwarzchild, PhD
Virginia M. Shiller, PhD
Jerome L. Singer, PhD
Dorothy G. Singer, EdD
Kathleen M. Sterner, PhD
Elizabeth S. Thayer, PhD
Alexander Tolor, PhD
Gretchen Chase Vaughn, PhD
Ralph S. Welsh, PhD
Jeffrey Zimmerman, PhD

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