The Connecticut Psychological Foundation (CPF) is a not-for-profit foundation established in 1996. The Connecticut Psychological Association established CPF as a separate educational foundation with the goals of advancing the proficiency of psychologists and contributing to the health and well being of the public.


Tax-deductible donations can made to the CT Psychological Foundation & sent to CPA POBox 915, North Haven, CT 06473-0915 or be made via PayPal.  Our Paypal option allows you to donate monthly and/or to earmark your donation for a specific fund if you so choose. Specific funds include:  Mindstylz, Catherine Acuff Awards, & the Ethnic Diversity Convention Scholarships. Non-specified donations will support programming as needed.

CPF’s mission is to:

  • Sponsor programs to promote education of the public, students, and psychologists & other mental health professionals concerning the practice of psychology,
  • Recognize achievement in graduate training and research in the field of psychology,
  • Publish educational, literary, and scientific materials concerning the field of psychology.

Connecticut Psychological Foundation Board:

  • Anne Klee, Ph.D. CPA President
  • Robert A. Horwitz, Ph.D., Foundation President
  • Debora A. Kustron, Psy.D.
  • Mikaru S. Lasher, Ph.D.
  • John G. Mehm, Ph.D., CPA Past President
  • Elizabeth Rathbun, Psy.D., Foundation Secretary
  • Jan Owens-Lane, Ph.D.
  • vacant, Foundation Treasurer

Projects & Initiatives sponsored by The Foundation include:

  • Funding of scholarships for students of ethnic and racial minorities to attend the annual CPA convention. Scholarships are managed by the Ethnic Diversity Task Force (EDTF) of the Connecticut Psychological Association.
  • Funding of MindStylz, a collaborative program involving psychologists and hair care professionals which aims to increase mental health awareness in communities of color through workshops for hairstylists and barbers. MindStylz was created by the Ethnic Diversity Task Force (EDTF) of the Connecticut Psychological Association.
  • Funding of the Catherine Acuff Award, a $500 award in support of a psychologist or graduate student of psychology committed, as was Catherine Acuff, to the application of psychological knowledge and expertise to the solution of larger societal problems.

Download a copy of the new CPF brochure here.

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To learn more about donating (donations are tax-deductible) to or receiving funds from CPF, please contact Dr. Horwitz, Foundation President:

Contact us:
Robert A. Horwitz, Ph.D.
(203) 789-1086

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Executive Directors:
Tricia Dinneen Priebe and Lisa Winkler


PO Box 915
North Haven, CT 06473-0915

Phone: (860) 404-0333
Email: info@connpsych.org

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